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Güçlen is a spirited innovator. He surrounds his life with people, stories, and dreams that inspire him. He loves to go beyond the borders. He takes each problem as a chance, and each difficulty to create a new path to learn... He has faith in real contentment which comes along with passion. Uniqueness creates difference in memories, he believes. His journey is all about exploring all the genuine ways. Sincerity, support and integrity are the core values he follows. He considers his life as a jungle to be filled with cheerful people to shine together.


These endowments perfectly fit his wonderful journey as a host. Born and raised in İstanbul, Güçlen had his bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality management at Mersin University. His bright career in hospitality includes many positions: From reception in Mersin HiltonSA in his early years to operation and sales in Swissotel The Bosphorus, he experienced every bit of tourism business in twelve years. After managing the first Le Pain Quotidien in Turkey in 2006 in Shaya Group, he worked for Ritz-Carlton İstanbul and Çırağan Palace Kempinski as banquet sales manager. His experience in hosting, luxury weddings and organizations for top government officials made him a prominent figure in the sector. In 2014, he took up the position of sales management in d.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management), established the department as a combination of all banquet operations of the entire company. He organized international events, such as Göbeklitepe launch in World Economic Forum in Davos.


In 2017, in Marmaris, Güçlen established Excellence Agency to provide consultancy services for top tier hospitality operations in distinguished hotels and restaurants. He also teaches in the Department of Tourism Administration, Boğaziçi University.



Damla is an adventurous free soul. She loves to be a part of the projects created by dedication and sustained by joy.
Sharings by heart with honesty and kindness are quiet precious for her.


Damla creates team soul which makes her job amusing and indispensable. Comfort and freedom is very valuable for her. Solving things with different point of views is one of the most exciting part of her job.

She loves to learn, 
she loves to meet with new people and listen to their stories,
she loves the limitless possibilities in life which creates the miracles...




Simge born in Istanbul, studied in Ankara, New York and Madrid. As an independent soul, she started her freelance career working in Netflix and TRT as a subtitle and dubbing translator while still studying in university.


Later, merging her passion for Social Media with her Translation and Interpretation academic background, she transformed herself into a Digital Nomad as a freelance Social Media Manager and Content Creator.


Based in Zurich and Madrid currently, she continues to look for rather unusual ways to make an income while making an impact.



Osman aspires to be a man of letters, although the chances are low (but never zero). He exercises reading, translating and editing texts written by others for now.


This interest made him the founder of an independent publishing house, Yort Books, which used to focus on literature, humanities, and cinema theory. His practice in photography and documentary film making proved that dealing with theory was cheaper and safer.


And, he does so.

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