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Loss and Lust

It was not the right time to talk about the success of the construction industry in planning. We are going through a catastrophe where both the constructions and the law have gone to wrack and ruin, and we all are trapped under the debris.

“The world will be destroyed by construction or fornication,” a Turkish saying goes. It can be read as a conservative, patriarchal statement regarding the sexual lives of those living inside the buildings. From another perspective, we can read it as a saying about the destructiveness of the lust for property and money.

A sad but true example of the relationship between greed and lust: Very recently, a big contractor in Turkey expressed his hopes of making huge sums of money by a weird metaphor: A collective sexual relationship with the entire nation, in which he was active.

The Enlightenment and the industrial revolution resulted in a great idea, which also found its place in the establishment of modern states: "Progressivism"

The idea was good, but in practice it was not possible to find a way to transform the profit motive of capitalism to social welfare in an egalitarian way. Adam Smith’s aphorism “laissez-faire, laissez-passer” did not work well for the most of us.

Administrative authority uses the link between civilization and law in two ways: It condemns and punishes any expression of individual desires, while considering the destructive desires of the capital as the sole determinant of laws and regulations.

At the end, we are looking at a disastrous scene ahead, which is certainly not the product of a miscalculation. We are devastated.

When the lust for capital is not suppressed by the law, the idea of progress is in danger. When the law does not function, deliberate mistakes cannot be punished.

Am I the only one feeling inside a dystopian movie in the new dark age?

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